Terms and Conditions of Use of the Lifestyle Atelier Website/Online Shop




  1. 1. General Conditions of Use of the Website


  • Company: KROMA - Representação e Comércio de Têxteis, Unipessoal, Lda. NIF 513 506 519

Address: Rua Da Nacional 106 nº995 Pavilhão 1 , 4815-093 Vizela

  • The acquisition of goods is limited to those who possess full legal capacity to enter into binding contracts.

  • By using the Online Shop, the user declares to have understood and accepted the following conditions, as well as the legal information related to the Online Shop. If the user does not agree with these conditions, then he/she should not use the Online Shop.

  • These conditions are governed by the Decree-Law No. 24/2014 of 14 February and apply to all online commerce transactions, including order, delivery and payment of goods.

  • Under the terms of the Decree-Law No. 156/2005 of 18 September, there is a system for processing complaints.



  1. 2. Website Registration


  • The process of purchasing goods involves providing the minimum data necessary to comply with dispatch and delivery of the goods purchased.

  • Creating a user account facilitates the user experience by allowing the user to save his/her registration and shipping information for future purchases.



  1. 3.Order and Purchase Regime

With the completion of the order and subsequent payment order, the sale and purchase agreement of the products chosen by the customer is considered concluded.

  • Products and their characteristics when applicable;

  • Total price including VAT at the legal rate in force and other applicable taxes or fees;

  • Transport costs, postal or delivery charges; 

  • Other charges, if applicable.

Delivery Costs

All orders will be delivered to the address indicated by the customer with shipping costs applied at the time of purchase.

Delivery Deadline

The delivery time is 2 to 10 working days.

Customer Support
Email: info@lifestyle-atelier.com

Contact by whatssap: 927 983 532

Payment Methods
In order to pay for your orders, you can choose one of the following:

  • Credit cards (Visa/Mastercard/MB NET)

  • ATM reference

  • PayPal

  1. 4. Personal Data

For a complete understanding of the full scope of personal data processing, please refer to the Privacy Policy (https://lifestyle-atelier.com/index.php?id_cms=1&controller=cms&id_lang=6 ) provided. 

  1. 5. Limitation of Liability

KROMA will not be held liable for any losses resulting from or related to:

(i) third party failures or interruption of availability of the Online Shop that is not attributable to KROMA;

(ii) orders placed by users whose payment data or other contractual data were fraudulently obtained (e.g. “phishing” of credit card data, identity theft, etc.); 

KROMA accepts no liability for any failure or non-compliance in regards to its Services, caused by circumstances beyond its control. Such circumstances may include, but are not limited to, failures in the operation of KROMA arising from the law, acts of state or public authorities, acts of war, terrorism, strikes, physical blockages, lockouts and natural disasters.

KROMA will be solely responsible for direct damages, not including indirect damages.

  1. 6. These general conditions of use may be altered, with all alterations considered accepted by the User.


Exclusion of the Right to Free Termination
There is no right to free termination of the contract in the following situations:

  • The supply of goods produced according to the consumer’s specifications or obviously personalized;

  • The supply of goods which, by their nature, cannot be returned or are likely to deteriorate or expire rapidly.

Alternative Dispute Resolution for Consumer Disputes

For all matters not expressly regulated in these Terms and Conditions, the legal regulations in force shall apply.

Pursuant to Law No. 144/2015 of 8 September, we inform you that you may resort to the alternative dispute resolution (ADR) entities listed at https://www.consumidor.gov.pt/.
● Vale do Ave Arbitration Center for Consumer Disputes:

 - https://www.triave.pt/ 
● Lisbon Arbitration Center for Consumer Disputes:

- http://www.centroarbitragemlisboa.pt/ 
● Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa Arbitration Centre for Consumer Disputes:

- https://arbitragem.autonoma.pt/ 

● National Center for Information and Arbitration of Consumer Disputes:

- https://www.cniacc.pt/pt/